Recent News: (delayed)

Monday, November 15, 2010: We have news on PG&E Corporation, ticker symbol PCG. A significant moving average event has happened. Also, there are breaking events concerning Cree, Inc. and Abbott Laboratories.

From the News Archive: (11/12/2010 ) A favorable event happened at PetSmart, Inc. Meanwhile, bad news came from Intel, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and JP Morgan Chase.


Threat Level Elevated. Last week's Code Orange bear alert remains active. Some important Indicators are still negative. Bears have not yet been sighted, but they are out there. Based on purely technical factors we estimate about 75 percent of the blue chips to be overvalued. This is not much different from last month. Six months ago, we thought 58 percent of these issues were overvalued.

Stock Price Predictions are based on Pure Technical Analysis.  Reports are authored by a staff of 17 artificial intelligences, each of which is specialized  in a particular area of analysis.

Subscribers have access to a highly refined evaluation of these reports, taking into account the general predictive success of the individual analysts in combination with particular companies, and in combination with other analysts.

In addition to the usual methods of Classical Technical Analysis, we offer both Volume Stratification Analysis (VSA) and Run Characterization Methods.  The Expert Systems providing these exclusive methods are furnished by arrangement with Hybrid Technical Visualization Systems.

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