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Stock Price Predictions for Ford Motor Company

Chapter XVI: Predictions and Forecasts. What will happen to F over the next few months?

Profitability during each Month of Ford Motor Company

The chart represents recent technical signals and forecasts from various XML sources in relation to recent price history.

On the left, the vertical red and green bars show technical signals. The impact of these signals is typically short-term. Conventional target prices are the short red horizontal bars on the extreme right. The green shaded ovals depict probability densities of response surface projections. These are designed so that there is a 95 percent confidence that the price will touch the light green area and a 67 percent confidence that the priceline will touch the inner dark green region. Horizontal lower boundaries of conventional forecasts (floor prices) are green, and orange horizontal bars show ceiling prices. If the path to a target price crosses against a floor or ceiling, the resistance may prevent the target from being reached.

General Market Conditions


More than 70 Hi-Rez charts daily for Ford Motor Company:

Target Scoring F

Pct. Targets Above Base:Avg. Target PriceAvg. Appreciation
Simple Forecasts44.44 %17.281.64 %
Response Predictions100.00 %17.714.18 %

Table of Predictions for F

Analyst:Prediction TypeBase DateDescriptionTarget DateBase PriceTarget PricePct. Change
D.B. VeblenCeiling Price11/15/2010Nearest Volumetric Price Ceiling 2/15/2011$17$21.5
E.S. ChaseTarget Price11/15/2010Monthly QuarterTerm Potential Appreciation 2/15/2011$17$19.8716.88 %
S.A. ChiCeiling Price11/15/2010Upper limit of typical Volatility 2/15/2011$17$19.88
T. PearsonTarget Price11/15/2010Political Calendar Monthly QuarterTerm Potential Appreciation 2/15/2011$17$17.684.00 %
R.S. AdamsTarget Price11/15/2010Phase200 Response90 2/15/2011$17$17.714.18 %
R.S.A. SmithTarget Price11/15/2010NVI Response90 2/15/2011$17$17.784.59 %
C.D. TuringTarget Price11/15/20105 Year Linear Trend with Seasonal Adjustment 2/15/2011$17$16.62-2.24 %
C.D. TuringTarget Price11/15/2010Full History Least Squares Trend with Seasonal Adjustment 2/15/2011$17$16.74-1.53 %
C.D. TuringTarget Price11/15/2010Deseasonalized Least Squares Trend 2/15/2011$17$16.41-3.47 %
C.D. TuringTarget Price11/15/2010Deseasonalized 5 Year Linear Trend 2/15/2011$17$16.29-4.18 %
C.D. TuringTarget Price11/15/2010Raw Least Squares Trend 2/15/2011$17$16.41-3.47 %
S.A. ChiSupport Price11/15/2010Lower limit of typical Volatility 2/15/2011$17$14.62
D.B. VeblenSupport Price11/15/2010Nearest Volumetric Price Floor 2/15/2011$17$12

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company - Recent Technical Signals

A recent interesting signal was the Wilder7RSI80or20 seen on Thursday, November 04, 2010.
DateIndicatorBuy or SellWeeklyMonthly
11/4/2010Wilder7RSI80or20S-12.00 %-7.00 %
10/12/2010Wilder7RSI80or20B6.00 %1.00 %
9/27/2010BiWeeklySawTooth50xingB2.00 %-1.00 %
9/21/2010Wilder7RSI80or20S-12.00 %-7.00 %
9/21/2010SMA20Over200DivergenceS-29.00 %-12.00 %
9/15/2010SMA20Over200DivergenceB7.00 %1.00 %
9/9/2010SMA5Over20DivergenceS-8.00 %-5.00 %
9/7/2010Trigger5ProjectedCrossSMA20Over200B9.00 %3.00 %
9/7/2010SMA5Over200DivergenceS-25.00 %-12.00 %
8/26/2010SMA5Over200DivergenceB12.00 %3.00 %
8/16/2010BiWeeklySawTooth50xingS-34.00 %-15.00 %
8/16/2010SMA5Over20DivergenceB15.00 %6.00 %
8/16/2010Wilder7RSI80or20B6.00 %1.00 %
7/21/2010Trigger5ProjectedCrossSMA20Over200S-18.00 %-10.00 %


Ford Motor Company

Last Quarter Forecast Accuracy of Ford Motor Company

This plot shows the actual results of last quarter's XML source forecasts.

The green oval shapes represent the proprietary Indicator Response Surface projections from Hybrid Technical. Any report that is not accurate within the 95 percent confidence limit (outer light green shading) will be refunded in full. Full Access Subscribers receive double their money back. (* This offer is subject to restrictions outlined in the member agreement.)

Week-end Altitude
Above: Illustration from Chapter 6: No really strong signals during the past week. The most recent signal, "Wilder's 7 Day RSI Signals at 80 and 20", was produced on Thursday, November 04, 2010. In this range, it is most often considered to be a sell signal.

In The News:

Friday, November 12, 2010: We have news on Cree, Inc., ticker symbol CREE. Signs of an over-bought condition have become noticable. Also, there are breaking events concerning Intel and PetSmart, Inc.

From the News Archive: (11/11/2010 ) Favorable events happened at Exxon Mobil, Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited, and Concur Technologies, Inc.. Meanwhile, bad news came from International Game Technology.

Price Behavior Surfaces are a way to visualize the forces that act upon the price through time. The illustration above shows the surface for Ford Motor Company from two different angles.These surfaces illustrate the imbalance between competing forces of fear and greed and the effect that they exert on the direction of the price line.

For more about these surfaces, click here.

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