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This page contains color spectrograms derived from the analysis of the price behavior of ARCC stock. The surfaces represent the value of different indicators at the various price levels according to time.

Just as the surface of a planet may appear differently at different wavelengths, features of the abstract surfaces visualized here will vary according to the analysis. Densities and tints of the horizontal strata corresponding to price levels are significant, as well as the sometimes noticeable vertical banding that indicates changes in technical fundamentals over time.

Volumetric Mapping of Ares Capital Corporation

Volumetric visualization is based on the total cumulative volume accumulated at each price level. Price change is ignored, except that Volume accumulated on a falling market is tinted red.

For an animated view of this surface click here.

The darkest layers are the price levels that possess the greatest Volumetric Turbulence, which may hinder, accelerate, or reverse the price trend according to conditions.

Float the cursor over the graph to see a different background, based on the so-called secular surface.

General Market Conditions


More than 70 Hi-Rez charts daily for Ares Capital Corporation:

 Volumetric Support and Resistance of Ares Capital Corporation
Here is a more detailed view of recent Ares Capital Corporation prices against the background produced by historical volume analysis. The Volumetric Analysis give some insight into the possible state of the specialist's order books, based on knowledge of the number of shares available at various break-even price points of the investors in the market. Float the cursor to see a similar backdrop based on Trend Reversal Analysis. Unlike the Volumetric Analysis, Reversal Analysis provides a purely psychological view of market history.

NeoGranvillian Mapping

 NeoGranvillian Mapping of Ares Capital Corporation

Density represents the price change that has taken place at a high volume. Red tinted horizontal strata are associated with high selling volume, while the cooler colors show high volume on a rising market.

When vertical stripes appear up and down the graph, it indicates a significant change in the volume balance. This may indicate (or confirm) a change in the direction of the trend.


Ares Capital Corporation

Visualization of NeoLefevrian Resistance

NeoLefevrian Mapping of Ares Capital Corporation

The analysis behind this mapping is represents the opposite of the Granvillian viewpoint. Here, the darkest strata represent large price movements with the lowest volume. This reveals patterns of accumulation or distribution by insiders or others.

Horizontal strata that change color or disappear may indicate changes in positions held by insiders.


Ares Capital Corporation

Price Velocity Mapping

ARCC:  Price Velocity Mapping

Price velocity determines the density of the strata here.

Darker areas may signify transport zones, where stock prices change rapidly.


Ares Capital Corporation

Secular Mapping

ARCC:  Secular Mapping

A mapping that ignores both volume and the velocity of price change is shown here. Density in the Secular mapping is no more than an indication of the amount of time the price stayed in each price range.

Most often the Secular surface is used as a comparison background to judge the significance of features seen on other mappings.


Ares Capital Corporation

Trend Reversal Spectrum

ARCC:  Trend reversal layers

Reversals happen during sessions when the direction of price change is switched. Denser layers here indicate the price levels when reversals have happened.

Positve reversals cause blue tint, while price ranges where reversal have been predominately negative are tinted red.


Ares Capital Corporation

Blended Granville-Livermore Map

Blended Granville-Livermore Mapping of Ares Capital Corporation

This surface emerges from the blending of two contrary Market Models. These are based on the opposing viewpoints of Livermore-Lefevre on one hand, and Joseph Granville on the other.

Look for vertical banding, signifying large volume shifts in the market in the Granvillian model. Abrupt changes in the color of dense narrow horizontal strata may show insider manipulation as described by Jessie Livermore.


Ares Capital Corporation

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